Godmother’s articles requested by Slovakian distributor

We they inform that a Slovakian company specialized in the sale of clothes of wedding has communicated to us his interest for suppliers of godmother’s articles (dresses and suits).

To the companies that make the requested articles and are interested in expansion on the Slovakian market I ask them to contact Fitca in order to undertake the necessary actions to establish a commercial relation.

Person of contact:

Elzbieta Pietrzkiewicz

Tlf: 976 300 020

E-mail: exportacion@fitca.com

Plan Mode in Spain

FITCA like member of the CIE promotes the plan Mode Spain.
Equally it is developing a strategy during acting 4 years strengthening the internalización of the Aragonese brands.

Plan of promotion 2008

FITCA together with the CCIO of Saragossa and AREX has signed an agreement to promote the Aragonese companies, inside the plan FITCA mode adds to the plan Spain Exercising all the actions with the fashionable logo in Spain.

INTERREG – FITCA activates commercial relations with FRANCE

Inside the actions that it comes developing FITCA with the program INTERREG financed by the European Community and the Government of Aragon has established an active communication with the INDUSTRIAL GROUP OF THE GARMENT (GIH) N OF TOULOUSE Across THEM there is vinculadoa FITCA by the representative ESPAÑAL of the EUROMEDITERRANEAN city of Marseilles.

Equally relation has begun with agents and distributors of France.

The FITCA will take part in fairs of Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, France and Russia

The Federation of Textile Industries and of the Confection of Aragon has presented his summary of international actions for the rest of 2010.

The Federation of Textile Industries and of the Confection of Aragon (FITCA) has presented his ambitious plan of international actions for the rest of the year, the same one includes participations in fairs of Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, France and Russia, as well as also events of national character.

For June the FITCA already it has closed the inscription of the Aragonese companies that will take part in the temporary Show – room of Brussels, Belgium, from June 1 to June 2. The companies that will form a part of this action are Crealmat, Yhocos, Polovi, LaNoir and Carmen Taberner. In addition, from 24 to 26 of the same month the companies Mebi and Losan will take part in Fair Pitti Bimbo, an event that will assemble to the principal international fashionable brands infantile in Florence, Italy.

For the following month, FITCA is organizing the participation in the Fair CPD Dusseldorf, in Germany, from July 25 to July 27. In this event the Aragonese companies will be present in the stand Aragon Marks Mode where there will be exposed Artenserie’s samples, Sunlights and Sodrap.

The following international action will be the Next Season Poland, from August 31 to September 2, in that the companies Chavi and Crealmat will appear with individual stands, Artenserie with shared stand and Saga Ibañez, Yhocos, Sodrap, Carmen Palacio, Sunlights, with a collective stand.

In September the FITCA it organizes also the collective participation, in the stand Aragon Marks Mode for designers and confeccionistas, in the fair SIMM Madrid, in the 2nd and 4th. From this day until September 7, and with collective stand of Aragon, the companies Escolá, Arkaika, LaNoir, Go crazy Doz, Carmenchu will inform of the Fair Pret-a-porte Paris.

In the same month in the agenda of the FITCA they find two participations in Russia: the Fair CPM Moscow, from September 6 to September 9 and the Fair Kiev Fashion, from 14 to 17, in that there will be the companies Yhocos, Sodrap, Zampiere, Saga Ibañez, Old Taylor, Sunlights, Hebe, Chavi, Carmen Palacio, Javier Arnaiz with the collective stand fashionable House Spain. Finally the participation in Servimoda is planned (October 28-29), the contest of young designers of the industry of the mode.

FITCA es miembro o colabora con: