Aragon Marks Mode in Next Season’s fair of Poland

ARAGON MARKS MODE, group stimulated by FITCA for the internationalization of Aragonese brands of the sector mode, there was present in the Fair Next Season which I celebrate from March 2 to March 4, 2010 in the Polish city of Poznan

The companies came to the fair with a triple aim: agents to locate, to confront markets and to increase his line of business.

There informed as exhibitors the companies:: Chavi, Crealmat, Yhocos, Sodrap, Saga Ibáñez, Carmen Palacio, Sunlights and Artenserie, equally and like innovation they took part in the official parade of the Fair, which I turn out to be a prominent success for our brands.

The aims that were chased have been reached with what FITCA considers to attend to the following editions of the Fair.

Export: The United States and The Arab Emirates

Continuing in the line of informing them about the experts’ hand, on the possibilities that offer other countries for the establishment of commercial contacts that make possible the export of products of our sector, we invite them to take part in the following meeting in FITCA’s places:

On February 2, 2009 (Monday):

17 hours
* CLOSE CONDITIONS – He Presents: Raquel Torres (Barcelona Fashionint)

19 hours
* ARABIC EMIRATES – He Presents: Silvina Troncoso y Serine Abouljebine (Si-Commercium)

FITCA es miembro o colabora con: