Actions realized by Fitca promoting the commercialization in internationalization of his associate companies

The report that is accompanied refers to the activities that FITCA has developed until the last JUNE, of which probably it is necessary to emphasize the following ones: The inauguration of the fashionable House of Spain in Kiev (Ukraine), with a show – room that I start with 10 Aragonese companies and 3 of others Spanish communities, the participation as exhibitors in international fairs as important as the CPM of Moscow (Russia), FITCA’s constitution as exclusive agent for Spain so much of the Fair of Kiev Fashión, since of fashionable leading fairs in Poland:

Next-Season, Fast Fashion and Body Style and already as curious detail our participation in the promotion of Saragossa in Brussels dressing the popular Menneken
Wee with a suit designed and realized by Aragonese companies that was referring to the notable painter Francisco of Goya.
Taking advantage of the stay in Brussels I sign an agreement of collaboration with the Chamber of Trade of Spain in Belgium and Luxembourg what was making the location of distribution channels possible for all the brands that want to interfere on the Belgian market, as well as the capture of the production of Belgian brands for Spain.

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FITCA es miembro o colabora con: